Assignment 6 Assessment

This is the assessment document and rubric for Assignment 6 for our online class: EDTC 0560: Using Technology for Teaching and Training.

Assignment 6 Assessment: Group Presentation on Future Trends in Educational Technology

Type: YouTube video or Podcast


Students will work in groups of 3-4 to prepare a 10 minute YouTube video or Podcast demonstrating an emerging / future educational technology trend, and providing an appropriate critical analysis. The purpose of this assignment is to examine emerging or future technologies and their potential applications in teaching and training. This assignment will also provide students with the opportunity to use digital video production and online broadcasting tools as a means of sharing teaching and training resources and expertise. The Crystal Ball eBadge is available for members of the group that submits the most forward-thinking and best-produced presentation (and will be awarded based on anonymous voting by EDTC 0560 students).

How to Proceed

  • Join a small group of students (3-4).
  • Select an emerging or future educational technology trend.
  • Work with your group to prepare a YouTube video or podcast that provides:
    • A demonstration of the tool or technology trend.
    • A critical analysis of the tool or trend, and its potential applications in a teaching and training context.
  • Share your video in an open format using an online video hosting service (such as YouTube).
  • Add your video (embed it) to your ePortfolio.
  • Post a link to your video in the Module 6 discussion forum (only one post is required per group).
  • Your completed video presentation should be posted to your ePortfolio and the Module 6 discussion forum no later than 11:59 pm Central Time on the last day of Unit 11.

Assessment Rubric

Max Value

Emerging or Future “trend” selection


Demonstration of the tool or technology trend


Critical Analysis of the tool or trend


Use of online tools or apps to create and share presentation


Shared in an Open Access format


Overall quality of presentation (viewability)


Appropriate length of presentation


Presentation added (embedded) to ePortfolio




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